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Cashflow troubles got you down? Cheer up, My Alabama Payday can help.

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All our communications are secured with 256-bit SSL encryption. Our backend servers are protected to keep your information safe. We take security and your privacy very seriously.

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Funds can be delivered in minutes depending on where you bank. You'll never wait more than one business day to get the funds, no matter where you bank. That's our guarantee.

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A single page form and a couple clicks of the mouse is all it takes. You won't find a faster process anywhere on the internet, and you'll find thousands of slower ones.
Who are we?
We're new in town, but not in the business

We have been working in consumer finance since 2008 in Canada and now we're expanding across the globe. We're excited to begin serving our southern neighbors as well as our friends across the pond in England and in South Africa. 2013 stands to be a great year for us and we hope you give us a try here in Alabama.

We have worked hard to transfer the lessons learned and the technology to our partners in Alabama, so you can expect to see the same level of service and quality that you would expect from a seasoned lender in your area.

If you need to get ahold of us and you don't like email, you can also pick up the phone and dial 334-517-0795. We are open 8-8, M-F and 8-5 on the weekends. You're welcome to visit our store, but be aware that we don't offer loans in cash. To receive a loan you must apply online and receive your funds electronically.

Do I Need One?
Short Answer

Long Answer

Online payday loans are very useful when they are used for their intended purpose. Common reasons that a payday loan can be useful are for things like car repairs, rent payments, or medical emergencies. The thing that these scenarios have in common is their time frame and their cost. You shouldn't expect these sorts of problems to persist for months at a time, and they probably won't cost more than a thousand dollars or so.

Payday loans only make sense when you're going to use them sparingly. If you expect the issue to extend over months, then even though you might need cash immediately you should probably find a way to push it off until you can get a lower interest, higher value loan from a traditional bank. At most, consider getting one payday loan to cover the immediate expense until the loan from the bank eventually comes through. Relying on a payday loan for an extended period of time is comparatively expensive.

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